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Through Get2Press your press release is released to printed or electronic media for only:

50 NZ$ excl. VAT

pay only when press release sent


Stress Exsperts

Communication Manager Martin Bøggild Hvid, Stress Exsperts: "Get2Press lives fully up to our expectations to be a professional, modern press agency. Get2Press delivers the product from the dispatch of the press release to the statistical surveillance of the editorial offices' receipt of the press release. The user interface is easily accessible and very easy to see. We get great benefit from being able to track how the individual media receives the press release".

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If you have questions please contact us by filling in the form below. You are also welcome to email us at pa@get2press.dk or call: +45 36 96 95 10.

If you wish to order the press release writing service then please use subject: "Question".

If you wish to send press releases to export markets and get our special international prices then please use the subject: "Question".

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